About Us

Company Background

KinoEki, was founded in 2009 with the goal to combine high quality beauty and health products with superior customer service in the online marketplace. Building on the success of its first establishment in the US (www.ke321.com), KinoEki has officially launched in Canada (www.ke321.ca) to serve Canadian with its top quality products.

With KinoEki, shopping online for your health and beauty products is now made easier than ever before. We provide a one-stop shopping destination for consumers who appreciate excellent products but still want the convenience of a safe and reliable online shopping experience.

Our Mission

  • To address the health and wellness concerns of our customers
  • To supply only the highest quality health, wellness, and beauty products
  • To provide a reliable and convenient online shopping experience

Quality Assurance

With the overwhelming selection of online stores available today, it can be difficult to find the one that you trust for safe, reliable and authentic products. Whatever your needs may be, KinoEki can take care of all your health and beauty necessities with our careful selection of only the highest quality products.

KinoEki carries several health product licences and exclusive brand names with proofs of authenticity. Also, we routinely have special promotions only available here at KE321. KinoEki is the official online retailer for superior brands of health and beauty products with the fastest and most secure way to shop.

Nissan Reishi • Mikei Red Reishi • Mitsuwa Super 3 • Mitsuwa Super Cordyceps • Mitsuwa Collagen • Mitsuwa Reishi Hand Cream • Mitsuwa Super Ume Concentrate • Mitsuwa Okinawa 28 Greens • MTW Reishi Body Cream (Upgraded) • MTW Intense Moisturizing Reishi Premier Face Mask • MTW Intense Hydrating Reishi 3D Face Mask • Vitahouse Turmeric Mushroom Congee • Mikei Ramen • Tenken C. Sinensis

So what are you waiting for? Login to our site now and start shopping online at KE321 the worry-free way.